The 228 Massacre: Taboos, Scars, Stigmas and An Essential Lesson in Taiwan History

Monday, February 21, 2022

Feb 21, 2022 -

Talking Taiwan podcast 2/21, 2/28

Taiwanese United Fund TUF and Taiwan Elite Alliance are co-sponsoring Talking Taiwan to commemorate the 75th Memorial Day of 2-28 Incident.  Click & listen to the stories that we shared.  Episode 171 (2/21) and 172 (2/28).



Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin is a Taiwanese American writer, and also wears a lot of hats as a crowd funding and social media strategist, the biographer of Su Beng, and host of the Talking Taiwan podcast. 

About this episode’s guests

Weiwei Chang was born and raised in Taiwan during the martial law era. Her parents retreated from China to Taiwan as refugees after World War II. She has been living in the U.S. for over 40 years. Six years ago, she retired from her job as a registered nurse.

Dr. Michi Fu is a second-generation Taiwanese American and a NATWA II member. She became a Taiwanese citizen after spending a sabbatical year as a mid-life adult. As a Taiwanese returnee, identity politics was an inevitable part of the ethnic identity development process. As such, she has been educating herself on Taiwanese history, including the 228 Massacre, that her family has traditionally remained silent about.

Tsuann Kuo, Ph.D. was trained as a gerontologist and has had both clinical and managerial work experiences in the United States before returning to Taiwan. Currently, Dr. Kuo works as an Associate Professor at the School of Medicine, Chung Shan Medical University in Taichung City, Taiwan. She is actively involved in a number of organizations as the President of Taiwan Association of Family Caregivers, the Executive Director of Taichung Dementia Integrated Care Center and the President of Red Cross in Taichung City.

Josephine Pan is a proud Taiwanese Hakka from Hsinchu. She immigrated to the US in 1980 after graduating from college, and worked as an Immigration Consultant/Paralegal for 25+ years. Currently, she is a business owner of JT & TEA (which imports and distributes several varieties of tea). Josephine is also Founder of Taiwan Elite Alliance, a registered nonprofit corporation in California since 2000, Board Director/Cultural Night Committee Chair/Former President (2011 – 2013) of Taiwanese United Fund (TUF),Coordinator for the Annual 2-28 Commemorative Concert. She has also participated in community initiatives such as LA River Clean Up and other cultural events promoting Taiwanese American culture.

2-28 是台灣歷史上一個重要的日子。各地社團一直也以各項活動來紀念這凝聚台灣人意識的重要日子。台灣人聯合基金會 (TUF/Taiwanese United Fund) 與優社 (Taiwan Elite Alliance)多年來在洛杉磯籌劃舉行的 "2-28 台灣人心靈日紀念音樂會" 一定是在2月28當日舉行,今年因為疫情變化多端,我們以贊助Talking Taiwan 以網路podcast 網路座談會型式來共同緬懷這段歷史,並探討目前台灣轉型正義的發展和代表的意義。請各位鄉親一起來聽聽我們分享的故事…
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